My studio is in the island of Ibiza located on a mountain between Sant Josep and Sant Jordi.

It’s where I find the light, the intimacy and the connection with nature that I need to have in order to give birth to my creations. The broad concept of each piece usually starts in my head. It may be a particular form or shape or even some “attitude” of a particular animal, such as the octopus color transformation.

Sometimes the idea is driven by a space that needs to incorporate a piece. I can visualize what to do for a particular commission to fill in a space. Sometimes I decide to use a working in progress piece or a finished one to fill that space.

It’s an organic & spontaneous evolution. It’s all about a continuous experimentation until something appears that leads to another route. Something that grabs my attention and drives me continuing exploring that route. This continuous iteration and trial and fail happens until something feels right and completed.

The main material of my work is wood. For me it’s like as if it’s alive. And somehow it is. I also use all kinds of recycled materials such as cables, pieces of metal, wires, wetsuits and anything that works for me.

The discovery moment when I remove the first worn and bitten layer by the sun or the sea reveals a series of colors and shades. It also brings back the smell and essences of the Sabina wood and the prehistoric connection that this piece has.

All these factors makes it the ideal resource for my work as it has many textures, tonalities, and soft and hard surfaces to explore.

It allows me to play, put together and create something that is a mix of many things.

Another factor I also enjoy is to combine different pieces of wood with different personal stories, such as a piece that showed up in a random way in some hidden place of a cliff and another that belonged to a fishing boat that crossed so many times the sea. These are very special moments fulfilled with immense joy.

All this adds value to the work that I have to carry on until the very last moment of a finished piece. When I look at the completed artefact I get a really nice kick and that makes me feel amazingly good. When looking at the little finishing details, the colours, the different shapes and the overall emotion that each piece gives me it’s a very comfortable feeling that is a constant necessity for me.